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Top 5 Garments for Fall

Despite the heat and humidity, we’re looking forward to fall. True, we have three weeks to keep wearing bright colors and lightweight fabrics, but it’s time to think about your autumn wardrobe if you’re having custom clothes made. To that end, we’ve come up with a brief list of must-haves for the fall:


  • A grey herringbone sport coat: Worn with dress pants, cotton corduroys, or even denim, a sport coat like this will keep you stylish and warm as the temperatures drop.
  • A heavyweight wool navy suit: Yes, we know, you already own a navy suit. Here’s the thing: your average “all-season” wool’s weight is approximately 9 ounces per square yard, which will leave you shivering when it’s 45 degrees at night. Having suits made in 10 or 10.5 ounces will keep you warm when it gets chiller and likely allow you to delay wearing an overcoat for a month or two.
  • Dark brown suede shoes: A crisp autumn day is the perfect opportunity to ditch the plain black bluchers with that grey suit and sub them out with some brown suedes in a dark tone like chocolate or tobacco. Plain-toe oxfords will keep things simple monk straps will keep things fashion-forward.Custom Denim Jeans and Suede Monk Straps
  • Wool socks: While we’re on the subject of things you put on your feet, wool socks should get into your regular rotation as it gets colder outside. Come by the shop to check out the V.K. Nagrani numbers we have at the shop.
  • An ecru dress shirt: Every guy needs a few white dress shirts, it’s true. Since you presumably already have these, consider ecru. It’s a beige/cream/eggshell-ish color that serves as a natty alternative to white. Try it out in a business setting against a navy or grey suit and note the slight changes in hue it can give to your regular ties.


Don’t forget that though it’s been a relatively mild August, precedent from the past few years tell us that it may be warm through a good bit of October. If you place your orders now, they’ll be done in time by November, so stop by soon and customize your next favorite wardrobe item.

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