Top 5 Gift Ideas For Him

Don’t let the calendar date fool you: the holidays will be here before you know it. Stores will be slammed and shoppers become so frustrated that looking for gifts can become a contact sport that should require protective gear. Thankfully, Henry A. Davidsen has you covered: here are our top five gift ideas for the holidays in a variety of price points:

1. The Gift Of Fit:

Custom clothes are excellent gift for any man who has trouble fitting into off-the-rack clothes, can’t find things he likes, hates to shop, or who simply cares about his image. Also great for guys who could use a gentle nudge into caring about their image. Henry A. Davidsen offers gift certificates in any denomination (we add 10% of the retail value as our gift to you for any holiday-related gift certificate), and is taking appointments now to have custom orders ready for those holiday parties. (Suits start at $650)

Custom Henry A. Davidsen Suits

2. Pocket Circles:

You read that correctly, pocket circle. It’s a fun, unique way to dress your breast pocket, and they’re one-size-fits-all, with no “folding” required, making them a cinch to wear. Our friend Edward Armah makes them by hand for us right here in the States, meaning that their price tag is very reasonable (Edward Armah pocket circles: $75).

3. Socks:

Shoes aren’t the only footwear that should garner positive attention; socks (traditionally referred to as hose) should do the same. We have a wide selection of V.K. Nagrani socks here at the showroom, and they’re fantastic. Bright colors and bold patterns will give life to more casual outfits, and you can rest assured that these Italian-made over-the-calf socks will never fall down on you (V.K. Nagrani socks: $40/pair or buy 3 get 1 free).

4. Cufflinks:

The ultimate stocking stuffer. Men have few opportunities to accessorize, and cufflinks fill that void (Brian, our President/CEO, always wears French cuff shirts and has a huge cufflink collection). Our showroom is home to all manner of links, ranging from silk knots to basic metals to funky designs and even custom cufflinks (Cufflinks range from $20/pair to $295/pair).

Custom Cufflinks

5. Power Stays:

Shirt collar flapping in the wind? We’ve partnered with Wűrkin Stiffs to offer Power Stays: magnetic collar stays that ensure your collar stays stiff, straight, and perfectly presentable ($40/set of three).

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