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What Is Image Consulting and How Can It Benefit Me?

Your image introduces you before you even speak a word. In the business world, your image can be the difference between getting a job or signing an important deal. In the social world, it can impact how your peers view you or if you get noticed in a crowd. However, knowing how to dress well isn’t just for the visual appeal, it’s also for your confidence.

What Is Image Consulting and How Can It Benefit Me? – Henry A. Davidsen

Styling an outfit or building a wardrobe can seem like a daunting task. That’s where an image consultant steps in. What is image consulting? At Henry A. Davidsen we categorize image consulting as any aspect that falls under appearance, behavior, and communication. We focus on how all these categories are linked together to uncover what your personal message is.

Communication comes in a lot of forms. For our sake, we focus on non-verbal communication and want to help you send the right message. Your non-verbal message is your personality, ambition, and lifestyle all rolled into one.  When it comes to men’s fashion, non-verbal communication comes through in the design, color, and fit of your wardrobe. Our image consultants work one on one with you to ensure you’re expressing your message correctly in those areas. We help you discover how to coordinate outfits, find the fit that’s best for your body, recognize how to dress to fit in with your company properly, and how to express your own personality. Understanding what message you’re sending will help you excel in both your personal and professional life. When your message is verbally and physically aligned, people will trust you more, which will help you close that deal, get the final answer, or get noticed by that person in the crowd.

What Is Image Consulting and How Can It Benefit Me? 2 – Henry A. Davidsen

As our client, we go beyond traditional tailoring by offering you more than a finished good, with one-on-one image consulting services to understand how to wear your new product or how to style the pieces you currently have. We take the time to get to know you so that discovering and refining your message will, in turn, enhance your life.

If you struggle with sending the correct non-verbal message, Henry A. Davidsen offers consultation services on multiple levels. First, our image consultants can provide you with an Image Consultation, in which we will discuss your career, lifestyle, and the messages you want to send. We can then assist you in designing the pieces that complement your body and help you back your message.

Parallel to our image consultations, we offer closet audits where we look at and discuss the pieces you already have in your wardrobe to make sure they are complementing the message you want to send.

We are here to help you enter a room confidently knowing you are portraying the right message. Image consultations come with many benefits and the team at Henry A. Davidsen is here to help you achieve your message on any level.

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