Why An Image Consultant is More Important Than Ever

Popular culture has always bombarded us with messages regarding how we should dress, what we should own — and even what we should eat and drink — if we want to command respect in our professional and social circles. In the social media age, those messages are even more omnipresent, hitting us in the face every time we look at our phone.

Between all the YouTube stars, Facebook ads and Instagram influencers, you can’t help but wonder what it truly takes to get ahead in the world. Technology has completely changed the way we interact with others, and not always for the better. If you’re trying to navigate your way to a better career and quality of life in the 21st century, the right path to take can seem pretty unclear.

That’s why hiring an image consultant is more important than ever. Henry A. Davidsen offers image consulting services in Philadelphia to help men cut through all the social media static and use real-world etiquette to take the next steps toward success.

Here are just a few ways that our experts can give your image a tune-up.

Dressing the Part

Mark Twain is credited with the quote “clothes make the man”, and it still rings true. Unfortunately, a lot of modern men are completely clueless about what to wear. Common mistakes include going too casual or settling for less-than-flattering off-the-rack fits. Even those with a flair for fashion could use some help tightening up their look.

When it comes to recommending wardrobe changes, that’s right in our wheelhouse. Our tailors craft the finest made-to-measure clothing in Philadelphia, pieces that are specifically designed to flatter an individual’s frame, and we can advise you on everything from the proper color palettes to the right accessories for a given event or setting.

Talking a Good Game

While face-to-face communication seems like a lost art, with people content to communicate only through digital messages and emojis, trust us: Knowing how to speak to someone directly is still crucial in the business world. Whether it’s a job interview, a meeting with the boss about a raise/promotion or an in-person sales call that could land you a big account, to set yourself apart, you’ll have to:

  • Stand or sit up straight
  • Make eye contact
  • Shake hands firmly. Don’t crush someone’s hand, and don’t give them a limp hand to shake either
  • Articulate your thoughts clearly and at a reasonable volume
  • Give thoughtful, direct answers to questions
  • Put your phone on silent and ignore it when it vibrates. If you absolutely must take a call during a meeting, prep the other person up front. They’ll appreciate the heads-up and you’ll come out looking like a conscientious guy

Those are just a few examples of communication skills a professional image consultant can help you sharpen.


You know how to dress and how to talk to people. The next big step is learning to sell yourself, to take the image you’ve crafted and project it to the right people in the right ways at the right times.

From company happy hours to client meetings to business conferences, good networking can be your ticket to a better job, higher pay and any other goal you have set for yourself. There’s a good networker inside you, and an image consultant will show you how to let him loose!

Social Media Savoir-faire 

Your online presence speaks volumes about you, and people all over the world can access your social media accounts with just a few simple clicks. That obviously includes prospective employers and clients. What you choose to share has never been more important, or more potentially damaging to your image.

On the positive side, image consulting can help you learn to manage your digital footprint. What you post online should always align with the image you’re trying to convey. When it does, it can absolutely work to your advantage and help you get wherever you want to go.

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