Wool vs. Mohair: Two Distinct Fabrics

While not everyone can distinguish wool variants from Mohair, they are two very distinct materials. From the animals from which they are made to the individual properties and applications of each, wool and Mohair are two fabrics that all fashion trendsetters, connoisseurs, and anyone searching for a fine men’s suit in Philadelphia should understand.

In this infographic, we’ll describe the fundamental differences between Mohair and wool, so when you browse the finest Philadelphia men’s suits, you can make an informed purchase and realize the quality of the fabric you are sporting.

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A former full-time Image Consultant with Henry A. Davidsen, Mike currently works with the company on a project basis and is on the social media team. He creates content for various social networks and the company's blog. A menswear fanatic, Mike lives to get dressed every morning and loves to educate men on the ins and outs of sartorial know-how. When not expounding on the wonders of half-Windsor knots, he plays bass guitar and sings in the Newspaper Taxis, a Beatles cover band.

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