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Jacket Options:

  • Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons on single breasted options
  • Double breasted options available
  • Single, Double or No vents
  • Lapel style and width – notched, peaked, or shawl
  • Jacket Pocket styles – Piped and flapped, Besom, Slanted pockets, ticket pocket
  • Custom linings and name labels
  • Functional sleeve buttons
  • Hand-stitched (pic) edges, plain edges, or ¼ stitched edges.


Pant Options:

  • Flat front, single, double, triple, or quadruple pleats. Choose whether pleats face inward or out.
  • Pocket styles for front and back pockets.
  • Belt-loop options – regular belt loops, drop loops, tunnel loops
  • Snugtex or gripper pads
  • Suspender buttons
  • Watch pocket
  • Change pockets
  • Cuffs or plain hem at bottom
  • Silhouette of pants is determined by measurements.


Vest Options:

  • 5 button or 6 button vest
  • Welt or flap pockets
  • Single or double breasted options
  • Contrasting silk back or matching fabric back
  • Back strap, lapels, and hand pic stitching optional


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