While we still make plenty of suits and other dress clothes, it’s no secret that the world has gone more casual in the past twenty years. Denim’s use has expanded since its creation as a work-wear garment for miners. Men wear jeans on dates, to evening events, and even to the office. It’s important that your jeans, while casual, do not look sloppy.

Custom Fit

“Dress denim” and “designer denim” have been on the market for a long time, but the same issues that men find with traditional tailored clothing still exist with jeans. The fit is rarely perfect, styles and cuts come and go at the whims of designers, and quality is difficult to discern.

With this in mind, Henry A. Davidsen offers custom denim for men looking to upgrade their casual wardrobes. Choose your fabric, stitch color, buttons, rivets, and any back pocket design you can think of.  Add whiskering, blasting, or distressing as you desire.  Let us do the measuring and ensure the perfect fit for jeans you will have for years to come.

Our custom denim prices range from $525- $650 per pair.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about custom jeans.  Use our contact form to submit an inquiry and we will get right back to you.