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Tired of awkward fitting jeans and fickle trends?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is often a daunting quest. Droopy denim, ever-changing styles, and questionable quality leave you feeling disheartened and apprehensive about your casual wardrobe.
Offering custom denim for men looking to upgrade their casual wardrobes including:
Client Praise:

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We understand that a great wardrobe is about more than just looking good—it’s about feeling good too.
Scott Messer
Scott Messer
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A wonderful customer experience, along with expert fitting and a great selection of fabrics. Can't be beaten in the Philadelphia region, check them out, you'll be pleased with the results.
James Blanchet
James Blanchet
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The entire experience at HD was exceptional. Think of this as something other than just a place to get suits/business attire... I have two pairs of jeans from HD, and they are by FAR my favorite pieces of clothing ever. I am definitely going back.
Thadeus Hickman
Thadeus Hickman
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Great personalized service! Great customer relations! Paramount in quality and delivery! I have always had a difficult time finding great-fitting clothing in styles that I love. Brian had great style recommendations and everything had the exact fit I had requested.

Experience casual comfort that radiates sophistication

Custom designed denim that caters to your unique style

Download our free garment care guide:

Our clothing care instructions and style guide will
help you maintain your custom pieces and put
together flawless outfits.

The first step in our process is a 15-minute introductory consultation. Tap here to schedule a call. We are happy to answer any questions you have about custom jeans. Use our contact form to submit an inquiry and we will get right back to you.

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