Wedding Consulting


This is an exciting time… the beginning of a new chapter in you and your loved one’s life.

Once the proposal is out of the way and you’ve had a couple of weeks to enjoy it, the heavy lifting of wedding planning begins. What are you going to wear? What are your groomsmen going to wear? How do you want to be remembered in those beautiful, expensive photos you’ll have for years to come?

Relax, we’re here to help. Henry A. Davidsen has outfitted hundreds of grooms and groomsmen from the most traditional church weddings to relaxed modern gatherings. High school sweethearts, same-sex couples, renewed vows, and beyond; let us help tell your story.

We take our grooms through our process just the same as anyone else, and we’re sure to keep long-term wardrobe building in mind wherever possible. Some grooms know exactly what they want, while others appreciate some additional guidance. No matter where you fall on that scale, we can accommodate you.

For the groom

Many of our grooms are new to the custom process with the wedding being the impetus to make that perfect suit or tuxedo.

We’ll talk about many different things during an appointment, but some of the most common themes that come up are:

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