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Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

We are not like other tailors

Yes, we design and create tailored clothing for our clients, but the process begins long before a fabric book is ever opened. We strive to understand who you are, what you do, and your personal and professional goals, using this as a means to craft an image that, pardon the pun, suits you as an individual.

We utilize a three-step conceptual approach, all with an eye toward long-term wardrobe building, image management, and transparency.



There’s much more to a consultation than “what colors do you like?” Our discussions will revolve around not just your fit preferences, but also your current wardrobe, your profession, your skin tone, hair color, body build, long-term life goals, and more. Each of these details matter when crafting the most genuine, impactful image possible.

Some men need more guidance than others in sartorial matters. We welcome novices and veterans alike.



The world of tailored menswear has seen a renaissance in the past two decades. As great as this ubiquity is, it has led to situations in which men are often told they are buying a “custom” garment, when what they’re buying is anything but.

At Henry A. Davidsen, we pride ourselves on educating our clients on key concepts of suitmaking – canvasses, made-to-measure versus custom clothes, and the properties of various fibers – just as much as we do creating beautiful and unique garments. This education is pivotal in understanding garment longevity, breathability, drape, and price point.



After breaking everything down, we put it back together and fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.  Your consultant will act as your personal guide throughout the design process, helping select the appropriate construction, the perfect fabric, a special lining, unique buttons, appropriate lapels, and the rest of the small details that make your garment something greater than the sum of its parts.

“I’ve been a customer of Henry Davidsen for over 6 years and have had a great experience every time. From fabric selection to details of assembly the process has been simple – each article of clothing has looked great and fit perfectly. I highly recommend Henry Davidsen.”

Doug Gianforte - President Gbuild Construction Managers

Education and relationships are the keys to crafting an impactful image.

Since our inception, our clients have found that our three-step approach increases their understanding of the investments they’re making while enhancing their enjoyment of building and maintaining their wardrobes.
This is not a typical shopping experience. We are not like other tailors.
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