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Dispel the made-to- measure myth

You deserve the finest quality in your suits, yet you struggle to differentiate between true bespoke and deceptive made-to-measure garments.

Old-world tailoring finesse with contemporary image consulting

Every man, no matter his age, profession, or station in life, needs a good suit

Discover the difference, and why it should matter to you


The best a man can get. A bespoke suit is cut from a custom pattern designed specifically for your unique body shape resulting in an unparalleled fit and drape.


Made-to-measure suits still give you the freedom to select all the design options, but the pattern with which the fabric for the suit is cut from is a pre-existing stock size.


Suiting canvas is the third layer of material that lives between a jacket’s fabric (outside layer) and its lining (inside layer). There are three “styles” of canvas that exist on the market today: Full Canvas, Fused Canvas, and Half Canvas.

We offer three distinct lines of quality-based on construction method and canvassing:

The style is in the details when it comes to our custom-made suits:

Client Praise:

Where genuine satisfaction speaks volumes

We understand that a great wardrobe is about more than just looking good—it’s about feeling good too.
Joe Giunta
Joe Giunta
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I cannot give Brian, Michael, and all of the folks at Henry A. Davidsen more praise! From my initial visit, in which I was informed of the immense customizability of their suits (and I mean, EVERYTHING can be customized to your heart's desire), to the specific fabrics and their qualities/uses, design options, and accessories, this is an incredible experience from start to finish. Able to conform to your budget (and make it a comfortable conversation!), present multiple options, and generally provide a fabulous time, I recommend these guys above all else! Their attention to detail and dedication to every step of the process really transforms the experience into something I can't wait to return to again. If you're debating stopping by, debate no longer!
Jamie Weiner
Jamie Weiner
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My time at Henry A. Davidsen could be described as nothing less than a luxury buying experience. To start, they have all the basics down; on time for my appointment, the facility is clean and attractive, and they were attentive to my needs and suggestions. They have a tremendous, almost overwhelming selection of the finest fabrics and beautiful liners. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and is able to guide you through the selection process of each customized detail. Where they excel the most, however, is in the finished product; I love my suits! I get compliments every time I wear them, and I am confident in recommending Henry A. Davidsen’s services to my friends and family. The only downside is that my suits from them are so nice, and cut so sharp, I feel as though I need to discard all of my other suits because they just don’t compare! If you are in the market for a classy suit or an overall wardrobe upgrade, you have found the finest custom menswear store in the region!
David Demby
David Demby
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I'm not one to blow smoke, I believe in telling it as it is. Henry A Davidsen is FIRST CLASS. I've honestly searched dozens of customizable professionals and none have come close to the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Michael, I want to especially thank you, sir. Your knowledge of fabrics and style is mind-blowing, you are an amazing human being and a true professional. Thank you again for making sure that I had my shirts for my wedding, it was two weeks before the big event and you SAVED the DAY. In my opinion, Henry A Davidsen is the BEST OF THE BEST.

Embrace the renaissance of men's fashion

Enjoy the luxury and quality of a bespoke suit that will last for years to come.

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