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Confidently exude


Overcome attire anxieties

Build your confidence and project a polished image with the perfect custom-tailored outerwear.

A variety of outerwear choices designed to fit you like a glove

We also offer a robust selection of fabrics along with customized linings and buttons for a best-in-class fit.
Some of our outwear offerings include:
A variety of outerwear
Client Praise:

Verified success for accomplished professionals

We understand that a great wardrobe is about more than just looking good—it’s about feeling good too.
Nicole Kagan
Nicole Kagan
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This was my first custom jacket!! Jenna and Brian were incredible and made the experience one of a kind. The highest quality selection of fabrics and craftsmanship, expert tailoring, and overall experience are second to none. I definitely recommend HD, 5 stars for everything!! Fits like a glove!!
Joshua Poli
Joshua Poli
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Great experience and I felt great getting my first custom suit. They explain the process, help pick out exactly what you are looking for and have it finished in great timing. Proposed to my now wife the exact same day it was finished and fit perfectly!
Chris Blanton
Chris Blanton
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Constant compliments, feeling great about myself, and wishing I had bought clothes from Brian and the team years ago. Thanks again for the amazing quality, fit, look, and feel of the suits. Truly grateful for the experience.

Discover confidence in sophisticated attire

One-of-a-kind pieces designed to elevate you to new heights of success and self-assurance.

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