Custom Clothing

Have you received a compliment from a complete stranger on your clothing recently?

Why invest in custom clothing?

It’s been said that once you go custom, you never go back. Having your clothing made especially for you has a manifold of benefits. Having worked closely with more than 2,000 unique clients since our founding in 2006, we think we’ve heard every reason one might have to make the jump to custom clothing. Is there really a bad reason, though? Here are some of the most common ones we hear:

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? When you build custom clothing with the image consultants at Henry A. Davidsen, these pain points are completely eliminated. Are you a challenging fit? We have plenty of experience flattering even the toughest body types. Are you a “hands-off” kind of guy who just wants to say, “I need white and blue shirts for work, please figure it out” and be done with it? We do that all the time. Conversely, if you’re a man who wants to design every last stitch of a garment, we’re happy to help you realize your vision.

The long and the short of it is this: investing in a custom wardrobe will save you time and money.


The biggest hidden cost with off-the-rack shopping is the time it takes out of your schedule.

Professionals who bill by the hour have a keen understanding of this. As there are no guarantees that stores will have styles or sizes you’re looking for, you could spend a day going from shop to shop but buying nothing. Furthermore, retail employees, while often well-meaning, are simply not trained to offer the kind of counsel that an image consultant can.

At Henry A. Davidsen, your custom experience takes place in our private showroom, your home, or your office. The hustle and bustle of traditional retail stores is conspicuously absent, and our image consultants’ concerns are focused on what is best for you, your profession, and lifestyle, and not whatever the newest product with a high markup is.

Repeat clients are often in and out in a matter of minutes to place or pick up new orders. Many of them even just call or email us to get a new order started.


While it may seem counterintuitive, custom clothing will actually save you money in the long term. How is this so?

The cost of the garment is what you pay for it, but the true value of the garment is what it costs you each time you put it on.

In addition to the added time you could have spent making money when shopping, custom garments tend to last longer – MUCH longer – than their ready-to-wear counterparts. When you amortize the up-front cost of custom clothing over its usable lifespan, the cost-per-wear is often far less expensive than off-the-rack options.

You are better off buying a top quality navy blue suit once every thirty years than you would be replacing a mid-level one six times every five years.

Get noticed,
be remembered

You are always being noticed. When you dress correctly, strangers will stop and give you compliments, but when you dress incorrectly, they tell their friends about you behind your back. Are you standing out for the right reasons and being acknowledged for doing so? With the speed at which society moves today, being noticed, making positive impressions, and being remembered truly sets you apart from the masses. When you dress yourself and control this ability on a daily basis, why would you leave money on the table by not putting your best self forward? Many men will say it is because their dress code is “business casual.” A dress code, however, is just a minimum requirement. Do you expect to rise to management or be rewarded by just doing the minimum that is required?

Getting started

Custom clothing will reward you with the confidence that comes from being permanently stylish, and we dare say that it can also inject some fun into the daily ritual of getting dressed.

Want to learn more? Reach out anytime. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to working together with you along your sartorial journey, no matter what point you may be at.

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