Team Members

Brian Lipstein

President & CEO

Brian Lipstein, AICI CIC

President & CEO

Brian founded Henry A. Davidsen, Master Tailors & Image Consultants in 2006. He became the first certified male image consultant in Pennsylvania and uses this designation to create a holistic approach to his clients’ wardrobes. Realizing from an early age that his true passion lies in helping others, Brian was able to create his unique approach to professional image that combines the old-world tradition of custom tailoring, with the modern service required for busy executives, to help educate them on the importance of how they present themselves and perfectly fulfill their wardrobe needs at the same time.

Brian’s unique approach covers various aspects of image from personal dress and body language, to etiquette and correspondences, and he loves to say, “Someone is always noticing you. When you’re noticed for the right reasons, they stop to compliment you, but when you’re noticed for the wrong reasons, they’ll tell their friends about you behind your back.” Has someone randomly stopped and complimented you recently?

Brian is a native of Malvern, PA and now resides in downtown Philadelphia. Personal interests and passions include travel, live music, soccer, fine whisk(e)y and wine, and Philly sports.

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