When we think of custom clothing, “custom ties” don’t typically top the list of garments that come to mind. Still, ties are a pain point for many men. Shorter guys wind up with a back blade longer than the front blade, while taller and/or bigger men wind up with puny knots and egregiously shortened back blades to get the proper length in front.

All of our custom ties and accessories are proudly crafted by hand in the United States.


Superior Craftsmanship

Custom neckties by Henry A. Davidsen are crafted with length, width, and knot style in mind. Add your own flair with contrast tipping, loops, and other details. Our access to literally thousands of silks, wools, and cashmeres will ensure that your tie is unlikely to be found on anyone but you.

Custom Silks

Our custom silks aren’t just for neckties, either.
We also craft:

  • Custom bowties

  • Custom braces

  • Custom pocket squares

  • Custom cummerbunds

  • Custom scarves