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Men’s Fall Fashion: Dressing To Impress

As the weather gets crisper and the leaves change color, arguably the best time in men’s clothing has arrived: fall. In this article, we at Henry A. Davidsen have compiled a list of this year’s men’s fall style essentials to help you project your best image in style and comfort. If you find something you like, set up an appointment with one of our experienced image consultants to discuss made-to-measure clothing in Philadelphia. 

Fall Outfit


Global warming jokes aside, autumn gets cold in the Northeastern U.S. As such, it’s critical to have some functional outerwear to protect you from the elements while also not sacrificing style. Here are a couple we highly recommend:

Topcoat / Overcoat

A classic if ever there was one. A well-fitted topcoat is incredibly versatile and pairs with anything from a custom suit to (also custom) dark-washed denim. They’re also great long-term investments as they’re not going out of style any time soon. Many men will invest in gorgeous custom suits, sweaters, and shirts just to hide their fancy garments under neon-colored parkas. Our image doesn’t take a break when the temperature drops, so be intentional with every piece you are stepping out of the house with.

Waxed Cotton

Popularized by Barbour, waxed cotton jackets are the perfect solution for chilly, rainy fall days. They are wind-resistant and waterproof, and they look so good that they can serve as your outfit’s statement piece. Coordinate one with jeans, a button-down, a sweater (all custom, of course), and some pebble-grain leather boots for a timeless casual look.

man in blue suit and grey topcoat

Shirts & Sweaters

Now that you have your jacket, let’s talk about what should go under it!


Flannel had its heyday during the grunge era, but it’s been a casual menswear staple for decades. No list of men’s fall clothing is complete without it. This soft, woven shirt is warm and comfortable, and good quality isn’t hard to find if you know where to look (hint: our shop is a good place to start).

worsted flannel custom suit cloth


Whether made from cashmere, lambswool, or merino, a man needs a few sweaters to keep himself comfortable and stylish in the cold months. Wear a chunky cardigan with your favorite jeans, or sub a turtleneck for a shirt and tie to defang a suit’s formality.


This is one of the most understated style choices for the fall, but it seems to be gaining

momentum recently. Three buttons, soft fabric, and easily layered, henleys are an effortless way to look great. Grab a few of these in different colors like grey, navy, and brown to set the seasonal tone just right.

man models custom cardigan sweater

Lower Body


Since the 1870s, denim has been a pillar of men’s style and practical clothing. Today, we have dark-washed, light-washed, distressed, and various cuts for every look. If you don’t know what would work best for you, not to worry: we make custom jeans, so you don’t have to be concerned with finding the right fit in a store ever again.


Jeans are sometimes a bit too casual for a business casual office, but chinos bridge the gap between everyday wear and business casual quite well. They come in every color under the sun, they’re not too heavy or too light, and they pair well with boots or sneakers.


Boots and autumn go together like peanut butter and jelly. A solid pair of boots tick every box for a man’s autumn wardrobe needs: classic, stylish, and adding just enough warmth to ward of a chill. Pair a set of supple leather boots with dark jeans, a gray henley, and a waxed-cotton jacket for a comfortable and stylish outfit.\


This list is by no means comprehensive but represents plenty of options to get your fall wardrobe on point. For more information, contact us today. With top image consulting services in Philadelphia, we at Henry A. Davidsen will help you hone your style and dress to impress!

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