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On Being Extraordinary

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” – Walt Disney

Swimming with sharks. Dinners at Michelin Star restaurants. Driving a Bentley. The day you got married. The birth(s) of your child(ren). These are all extraordinary experiences, and we sincerely feel that a life well-lived is full of such experiences.

benson and clegg silver dollar cufflinksWe have our biases, of course, but we think that ordering custom clothing should be an extraordinary experience too. After all, the product is handmade to your exact measurements and style specifications, and made in such a way that you could hand it down to your son one day. In other words, the product is extraordinary, and the experience around getting it should match.

Experience Makes The Difference

luxury wool socks for men
Socks made from baby alpaca? Extraordinary, indeed.

Our products – handmade to your measurements, body type, and style specifications – are extraordinary, but we’re not the only place in Philadelphia where you can get full custom clothing. Similarly, you can get filet mignon at lots of restaurants, but you’ll probably enjoy the experience at, say, Morton’s more than you would a local diner.

We’ve discussed our process previously, so we won’t dive too deep into that here. Regardless, we strive to provide a unique, personal, unforgettable experience to all our clients. While this means different things for different people (this is custom, after all), there are three concepts we adhere and hire to in order to make this happen:

two men shaking handsPassionate service. It’s not just about our strict one-on-one dynamic or offering you a drink when you arrive for an appointment. Everyone on our staff is a people person, and it’s our goal for you to feel as comfortable with us as you would with close friends. Our service ethos is such that we are not happy unless we’re getting an A+, period. Anything less than that requires improvement.

custom tailor pins scrap jacket on clientMeticulous attention to detail. When you’re in an industry that routinely requires measurements to 1/8th of an inch, you simply cannot gloss over details. Double- and triple-checking isn’t just something we like to do – it’s codified into our order-processing procedures. This attention to detail is just as important when consulting with you on your personal style, fit preferences, and delivery time requirements.

If your clothier isn’t hyper-attentive to these details, we invite you to contact us.

man in glasses reads bookDeep knowledge. If a traditional retailer even bothers to provide its salespeople with product knowledge, it tends to have a sales-y flavor to it and is limited to the products available in a given season. We, on the other hand, take pride in understanding every last detail of what goes into your garments’ construction or cloth and why you might choose one style option over another.

This knowledge is what positions us to consult instead of sell.  Our job is to teach clients how to make the right decisions for themselves. We regularly tell clients, “We don’t sell anything here, we teach to the point of being able to have a conversation on the same level, and then we help fulfill the needs you have.”  We’re always happy to make recommendations once a client can understand the “why” of where the recommendation derives from.

Further Reading

We invite you to stop in and have an extraordinary experience of your own. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email at info@henrydavidsen.com to set up a time. Until then, enjoy these other image and style articles:

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