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cufflinks connected by a chain in the middle

The Different Styles of Cufflinks

In spite of all the talk about casual dress in the wake of an ongoing pandemic, there’s still room for dressiness in our wardrobes. After all, your top half is still visible on those Zoom calls, no? As cufflinks are one of those accessories that instantly dress up any ensemble, we’d like to discuss the different styles of cufflinks today.

What Are Cufflinks?

standard cufflink in french cuff
The “show” side of a standard cufflink.

In the interest of going a foot long and a mile deep, we’ll establish a baseline. Cufflinks are a category of men’s jewelry that serves to, ahem, link the cuffs of a French cuff shirt. Their purpose is just as utilitarian as it is aesthetic. The materials used range from precious metals with gemstones to multi-colored silk knots and just about anything in between.

We once read that “cufflinks are like crack.” While we can’t verify this statement fully based on personal experience, we can say that once you start collecting them, it’s hard to stop. Similar to socks and pocket squares in that size isn’t a consideration, you can always find an excuse for a new pair.

Need something new for an event later in the week? Get some cufflinks. Traveling abroad and want a memento of the experience? Get some cufflinks. Getting married and have no idea what to do for groomsmen’s gifts? The answer, once again, is cufflinks.

We’ll get into the different varieties of cufflinks in the next section.

Cufflink Styles

Not all cufflinks are created equal. Below are the three main styles you’ll find on the market.

Standard Cufflinks

gold cufflinks with green face
Benson & Clegg cufflinks with a standard back.

A standard cufflink is what you find most often. It dresses only the outside of the cuff while the inside is a fastening piece that goes through the holes in your cuff and then holds the links in place.

Double-Sided Cufflinks

green double sided cufflinks
A double-sided cufflink dresses both sides of the cuff.

Double-sided cufflinks are just that: cufflinks that have two decorative sides instead of just one. Enthusiasts prize these because they follow tradition by dressing both sides of the cuff and tend to be a bit harder to find.

Chain Links

cufflinks connected by a chain in the middleChain link cufflinks are connected by – you guessed it – a chain.

chain connecting two cufflink sides
Cufflinks connected with a chain.

A variant of the double-sided cufflink, they also dress both sides of the cuff.

Silk Knots

green red & white silk knots
Silk knot cufflinks for more festive wear.

Most cufflinks are made from metal, but silk knots obviously aren’t. These are a more casual cufflink option, with woven strands of silk forming two small balls connected by more of that same silk. They’re available in various color options and are an easy way to inject a bit of personality into your ensemble.

Your Next Pair Of Cufflinks

We’re proud to carry a curated selection of cufflinks here at the shop, boasting brands such as Rotenier and Tateossian. Whether for yourself or as a gift, they make a great impression and will have you feeling ready for anything the workday throws at you. Call us at 215-310-0219 or email us at info@henrydavidsen.com to set up a time to stop in.

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