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The Suit Series, Pt. IV: Linings

After looking through jacket styles, lapel options, and what vents you’d like, it’s time to think about something purely aesthetic that has nothing to do with body type or “situational appropriateness:” the lining to your jacket.

When you go the made-to-measure or custom route, you get to put any lining in the jacket of your suit (and the back of your vest if you choose a three-piece). Henry A. Davidsen has a ton to choose from, so how do you know which way to go?

Custom Lining Selection

Red Silk Suit Lining

The answer is simple: do what your gut tells you. The lining of your jacket is hidden while worn, meaning that it will have no effect on your first impression during a business meeting, job interview, first date, etc. To that end, view this as an opportunity to really inject some personality into the suit. Are you a more subdued, quiet guy? Throw a light grey lining on your dark grey suit. Are you more of a peacock? Why not try some maroon paisley, like you see above? Or some white skulls and crossbones on a red background? Have as much fun as you can possibly handle.

Next up: pocket styles.


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