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The Suit Series, Pt. VIII: Buttons

If there’s one thing we know about looking good versus looking great, it’s that details matter. A lot. When designing a custom suit, decisions get heavy on details: lapels, vents, linings, pant styles, and plenty more. One detail that will differentiate your suit from the ready-to-wear masses is the button you choose. Read on for a brief list of some options that Henry A. Davidsen offers.

Corozo Buttons

A plastic-like material that’s actually a natural grain, also known as Tagua. It’s scratch-resistant, has a handsome grain and allows for excellent color saturation.

Custom suit buttons

Pearl Buttons

A flat button with shiny brilliance. Definitely a more showy option. Try adding this to a neutral suit for a pop of color.

custom pearl suit button

Horn Buttons

Horn: Horn buttons have natural highs and lows in their color schemes; the asymmetry of the colors adds to their character. These look particularly striking when paired with a windowpane sport jacket.

Bespoke suite button made of horn

What’s Right For Me?

There aren’t too many rules regarding button selection in the menswear canon. There’s a lot of personal preference here, but a good rule of thumb is that darker they are the dressier they are. From a more aesthetically-focused perspective, dark suits get dark buttons, and light suits get light buttons. As you build your wardrobe and have more occasion to wear sportier garments, bucking this system can yield some natty results.

As always, keep your audience in mind and consider how the image you project is going to influence their perception of you. A man applying for a mortgage should choose a dark button to go with his dark suit; a man going for a stroll in Rittenhouse Square, on the other hand, has the leeway to wear something lighter in color and more offbeat in material. Let your sense of decorum dictate your choice and you’ll always look magnificent.

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