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The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide To Weddings – Spring Edition

As the frozen tundra that is the Atlantic coast slowly thaws and spring approaches, many couples are gearing up for that big date. Spring is a wonderful time to get married – it has long signified rebirth and new life for various cultures around the world. But many grooms approaching the aisle have a question: What do I wear? In today’s blog post, we present the Ultimate Grooms’ Guide to a Spring Wedding.

Tux or Suit for a Spring Wedding?

Gentleman Wearing a TuxedoTraditionally, many men have opted for a tux on the big day. In the past fifteen years or so, suits have become increasingly popular. Neither is necessarily wrong, all that matters is context. If you and your fiancée are traditional people and the venue is formal, then a tuxedo is the way to go. If your wedding has a black tie or black tie optional dress code, then the tux is required. To learn more about these dress codes, check out What is Black Tie for Men?

Here at the shop, we see a push for more relaxed, modern affairs with many of our clients. Less formal but still elegant, a handsome suit looks great in wedding photos and can provide a lot of long-term utility after the fact. If your venue is more laid-back – say, a cute farm or other verdant scene – a suit will make much more aesthetic sense.

How To Incorporate Common Spring Wedding Colors

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that the color palette often plays a major role in what grooms (and groomsmen, and bridesmaids) wear. Wedding colors are somewhat subject to trend, but spring is a time for brightness and light color. We see lots of green, lemon yellow, light blue, and earth-toned neutrals with many of the wedding couples we work with. What are some good ways to work these colors into your outfit for the day?

  • Odd Vests– In menswear, the term “odd” means “intentionally mismatched.” A matching jacket and pants make for a great suit, and the addition of an odd vest allows you to play with color in a sartorially tried-and-true way. This works out particularly well if your wedding is in April – it’s not very warm yet, and the additional layer helps keep you comfortable.
  • Ties/Bowties– Ties are a perfect way to showcase the day’s colors (or at least one of them). They’re front-and-center, so they’re immediately noticeable in photos.
  • Pocket squares– They coordinate directly with your tie, so it’s another opportunity to flex in one (or more) of your wedding colors. 
  • Cuff Links– Some cufflinks have precious gemstones in them, which can add color to your outfit. Fun, playful silk knots are available in a wide variety of colors as well.

Your Venue & Your Attire

wedding tuxedos princeton njSome venues have a more formal vibe, while others are more laid-back. 

  • Outdoor weddings offer many natural colors. Vibrant shades of green, lighter blue skies, natural primary colors in the foliage. As more colors are present in our landscape we are free to either accent or match. For most outdoor weddings, we’d suggest a suit over a tuxedo.
  • Churches, synagogues, and mosques often feature ornate designs, rich woods, and colorful features (the latter of which is particularly true of Catholic and Orthodox churches). Most guys who get married in such a venue will opt for a tuxedo.
  • Wedding halls or event spaces let you transform them and control all the variables. The “tuxedo versus suit” discussion is driven by personality and your vision for the day, not necessarily by convention. 

Dealing With Spring Weather at Your Wedding

Spring is beautiful, but can be temperamental. The day could start off at 45 degrees in the morning, get up to 75 in the afternoon, and finish at 50 in the evening. With this in mind, it can’t hurt to layer, so consider a vest with your outfit if at all possible.


The wedding process can be hard to navigate on your own. Are you looking for your dream wedding suit? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to start a conversation.

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