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Top 5 Spring Menswear Tips

Top 5 Spring Menswear Tips 1 – Henry A. Davidsen

To quote the Beatles, it’s been a long, long, lonely winter. Well, hopefully not lonely, but it’s certainly been a long, drawn-out season replete with record-tying snowfall, nine-degree evenings, and really dry skin. As much as we here at the shop love our 10-ounce wool suitings and wool socks, we’re always quick to welcome the break in temperature and extra sunshine.

So how exactly are you supposed to dress for those odd Philadelphia days when it’s forty-five degrees in the morning but 60-65 degrees when you’re leaving work? This is very typical of spring weather, so we figured we’d dive into some springtime clothing strategy.

Top 5 Menswear Tips For Managing Spring Weather

1. Your 9-ounce suits are your friends.

Remember that “all-season” suit fabric weight we talked about a while back? It’s often just the ticket to staying warm enough during your morning commute and not overheating when coming home.

2. Fear not a cotton sweater.

Sweaters aren’t just for winter, gentlemen. If your office allows it*, throw on a cotton v-neck sweater over your shirt/tie and then put on your suit jacket. It gives you another element of texture and color to play with and will add some warmth without being stuffy.

*If your office doesn’t allow it, remove the sweater when you get there. Problem solved.

3. Wear a raincoat over your suit.

This is obvious during April showers, but if we get a cloudy day when May flowers are growing (and there will surely be many), feel free to bust out a trench coat. It’s a light-weight layering option that you can totally get away with on grey days.

4. Keep a scarf in your briefcase.

On a chilly morning a scarf can work wonders. On a warmish afternoon, it fits easily into a briefcase. Don’t own a briefcase? We’d be delighted to show you one from our buddies at Blue Claw.

5. Carry an umbrella.

Sure, they can be cumbersome. But is that worse than showing up to work looking like a drowned rat due to a surprise rainstorm?

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We hope these tips are helpful. If you’d like to be featured on our social media channels, send us a picture of yourself implementing one!

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