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What To Bring To A Holiday Party

A COVID holiday season is a strange one indeed. Everything feels different for obvious reasons, and this gets amplified when we talk about specific holiday traditions that are, at the moment, an unhealthy idea. Holiday parties are always a hallmark of the season, and there are so many each year that it can be exhausting to attend them all. If you find yourself invited to a COVID-appropriate small gathering, though, the classic etiquette rules haven’t changed. What do you bring to a holiday party?

Whatever you do, do it with the utmost caution this year.

What To Bring To A Holiday Party

different christmas cookiesFor clarity’s sake, it’s important to note that we’re talking about get-togethers amongst family and friends here. If you’re invited to a more formal holiday party thrown by a country club or similar organization, you may not need to bring anything.

When you attend a party with family and friends, it’s nice to bring a small token of appreciation to the host. This is common courtesy, and it goes a long way in cementing your image as a thoughtful person. Given that holidays are a time of gastronomical indulgence (and this is unlikely to change as a result of the pandemic), we think it’s a good idea to share things to eat and drink. It aids in the merriness, after all. Below are a few can’t-miss choices:

  1. dalwhinnie 15 year old scotchTheir favorite bottle. If you know your host, bring them a bottle of one of their favorite things to drink. Maybe he likes a special-edition bourbon, or perhaps a high-end beer. Let your knowledge of the host dictate your decision. If you’re going in blind and/or as someone’s guest, you can’t go wrong with a decent bottle of red wine. Even if (s)he doesn’t drink, the gesture goes a long way.
  2. Charcuterie and other fancy snacks. Artisanal cheese, crackers, and cookies make for great holiday party gifts. Any indulgent finger food will do, just try to keep your host’s dietary restrictions in mind, if any. While most people love some cheese and charcuterie, it’s not necessarily something you might treat yourself to regularly. As such, eating these foods is a special experience and an excellent gift.
  3. Something for the home. If inedible goods are more your thing, a small trinket someone can display in their home shows your appreciation of the invite without being overwhelming. A Christmas tree ornament, small plant or wreath, or scented candle will generally work.

Dressing For A Holiday Party

Curious what you should wear to a holiday party? Check out our blog post on the subject for some tips and tricks. In general, keep things festive and fun, but save the ugly sweaters for proper Ugly Sweater parties.

Parting Thoughts

gift wrapped bottle of wineWe understand that it’s unlikely that many of us will be attending holiday events this year, and that those we do will likely be limited to our households or “quaranteams.” In our opinion, this increases the importance of good gift-giving. There’s no time like this moment in our history to show your appreciation to those closest to us.

If you’re ready to get your future holiday wardrobe in order, we’re here to help. Call us at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get things started. In the meantime, enjoy these other image and style posts:

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