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3 Ways To Be More Memorable

Even before the pandemic hit, it wasn’t necessarily easy to make yourself memorable to others. Everyone – including your customers, prospects, acquaintances and contacts – is busy and making yourself stick out in their minds requires effort. Being in the midst of a pandemic in which it’s challenging to be physically present with others adds another level of difficulty.

With that, we’d like to offer some simple tips on how to be more memorable.

3 Ways To Be Remembered (In A Good Way)

First things first: you want to be remembered, but for the right reasons. If you stick out in someone’s mind due to poor grooming, bad manners, or some other social faux pas, you’re doing it wrong. Below are three ways you can do it right.

Unique Clothing

red sleeve buttons on custom sport jacketCustom clothing offers endless ways to make your clothes unique and memorable. From suits and sport coats to jeans and polos, Henry A. Davidsen’s design process allows you to make your clothes look nothing like what you’d find in a traditional retail store. Subtle flourishes will stick out in your audience’s mind. Even something as simple as proper fit will leave a lasting, positive impression, so we invite you to contact us to learn more.

man in dark grey three piece suitBe forewarned – bold details are memorable, but you have to be careful that they’re sending the right message. If you’re going to a networking event that you know will be full of sartorially conservative types, opt for the immaculately-fitted blue suit instead of, say, the red sport coat with a big tan windowpane. Both will ensure that the folks you meet remember your image, but only one will make sure you’re taken seriously.

Show Genuine Interest In Others

image consultant working with clientThere’s a saying that goes, “If you’re bored, then you’re boring.” The reverse also holds true: if you’re interested, then you’re interesting. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. If you’re genuinely interested in others and prompt them to talk about themselves, they’ll remember you in very high regard as a decent person and a great conversationalist.

A lot of this deals with the communication aspect of the ABC’s of image. Showing interest is more than just asking questions like, “What do you do,” or “What are your plans this weekend?” You want to make sure you’re making eye contact, shaking hands properly, and using open, positive body language.

older man gesturing towards his audienceA corollary to this is a propensity to remember names. No matter what language someone speaks, their name is their favorite word. There’s a story about Bill Clinton and his conversational approach – get someone’s name and prompt them to talk about themselves. While they spoke, he would listen, but simultaneously repeat their name over and over again so he wouldn’t forget it.

Remembering someone’s name will endear you to them. The same goes to the names of their spouse, children, or pets. Don’t overlook this crucial detail!

Solicit An Opinion

professionals networking over drinksPaying genuine compliments is a good way to ensure people remember you. The operative word here is genuine – people can sniff out disingenuousness easily, so if you’re going to compliment someone, it must be genuine.

One of the best ways to tactfully compliment someone is to ask their opinion on something. Cynical as it may sound, even the most introverted person in the world loves to hear himself talk, especially if it’s to share an opinion on something.

When you solicit an opinion, you are implicitly telling your audience, “I value your thoughts and what you have to say on things that are important to you.” If you want to be remembered, start asking people what they think of (insert topic here). With that said, it’s of course wise to avoid controversial topics like politics and religion, at least with folks you’ve just met.


Being memorable falls under the umbrella of the image you project. Ready to truly manage your image? We’re here to help, be it with custom clothing, etiquette training, and more. Call us at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get started.

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