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A Primer on Wedding Colors

So you just got engaged. Congratulations! You’ve had a wonderful dinner, notified your family, and put up new pictures on Facebook. Life is good, right?

Wedding Planning

It is. Then the reality of wedding planning sets in, and while you don’t really have anything to complain about, the nuts and bolts of planning can get stressful.

If you’re like most guys, your lovely fiancée has selected wedding colors. For those of you who are less informed, this is a color palette around which the wedding will be themed: invitations, linens, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s suits, flowers, etc. This is important to her, meaning that it’s important to you. Unfortunately, she might not know a whole lot about menswear, so how are you supposed to incorporate wedding colors into the suits you and your guys are wearing?

Colorful Wedding PaletteThere’s no reason to not be a little peacock-ish on your wedding day.

Thankfully, the guys at Henry A. Davidsen are here with three helpful tips. Feel free to print this out and hand it to her with notes; we’re sure she’ll be thrilled that you took the initiative. For those of you who are half of a two-groom wedding, the following notes are certainly still applicable. Either way, mazel tov!

  1. Neutrals=suit color: Oftentimes wedding color palettes will involve 2-4 colors, one of which is a neutral color like black, tan, or grey. If, for example,  you’re lucky enough to have grey as a wedding color, wear a grey suit. Instant continuity!
  2. In the absence of neutrals, your suit should still be a neutral color: If your wedding colors are, say, lavender and green, still wear a neutral suit. You will look like a fool if you wear a lavender suit.
  3. Accessories are your best friends: Ties, shirts, pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, and boutonnieres are perfect ways to incorporate the brighter colors in the palette. To help illustrate this, take the following example:

Your colors are blue, pink, and green for a casual late summer wedding. The suit you’re wearing is neutral, say cotton khaki or light grey. Against a white shirt, try a blue/green repp stripe tie. Your pocket square could be pink with green medallions. Blue silk knot cufflinks are a natural choice, and a white boutonniere with a green stem fits perfectly. If we were to see pink/green/blue argyle socks on your feet, we’d shake your hand for a job well done.

See how the model works? The beauty here is that the permutations are wide open, so you’re limited only by your creativity. Yes, we’re biased, but we also think that enlisting the help of a qualified image consultant is always a great idea. Set up an appointment with us, bring the love of your life with you, and we’ll be delighted to guide you through the process.


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