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Tie Dimples

Learning to tie a necktie is a rite of passage into young manhood. Many of us learn a simple four-in-hand knot, as it’s the easiest to maneuver. One detail that sometimes gets glossed over, however, is the dimple. It’s one of those neckwear details that adds elegance and separates the men from the boys, so to speak. It can take a few years of practice before a man can reliably create one every time he wears a tie. It also keeps the knot in place. How do you get something that looks like this?

Men's Nect Tie With Dimple

Just remember that if a tie is tied at the proper point around your neck, it should occur naturally. Unfortunately, few of us are perfectly proportioned for off-the-rack neckties, so we may have to do some manual manipulation after the fact to get it to look right. The only way around that is to have a custom tie made, and yes, Henry A. Davidsen can take care of that for you.

In any case, the best way to manufacture a dimple is to wait until just before you’re about to tighten the tie up to your collar. As you pull the knot up with one hand, place a the other hand’s forefinger in the center of the front blade and press the dimple into the tie. Tug the knot up into your collar and voila, you’ve successfully created a dimple. Instant chivalry!

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