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Fashion Faux Pas

We here at the shop enjoy cutting down the old-fashioned minutia that has held men back from the world of fine clothing. But are there any merits to the style rules of yesterday? A faux pas traditionally means an embarrassing tactless remark but the phrases meaning has been stretched to describe breaking an unwritten fashion rule. In today’s blog, we are examining some of these fashion rules and judging whether or not a style-conscious gentleman should follow them.

Black & Navy Blue

Man in Tux“Black and blue, gonna make me smack you.” Many people protest this fashion rule insisting that it is not justified. But just like neglecting the oxford comma, a vocal minority will not be shy about correcting the perceived mistake. The origin of the rule goes back to Victorian-era British tailoring where the color combo was discouraged due to the similar shades being difficult to distinguish. Our advice, if you are going to break the rule make sure it is for a good reason. A navy blue sport coat on top of a pair of black jeans is going to draw attention, make sure that is your intention. But no, your midnight blue tuxedo jacket cannot go with your black suit pants because you are in a pinch and they are ‘close enough’.

White After Labor Day

sean connery in white dinner jacket

Explore more about this faux pas here. You may be hard-pressed to find any individuals sticking up for the by-gone socialite mistake but it is important to be aware of the negative connotation white clothes have after labor day. Our image is a part of our non-verbal communication and it is vital to understand everything you are communicating to the world. 

Avoiding white after labor day may be a natural progression more so than a rule. Fall brings rain and slush, there go our easily stained white chinos and slacks. Dark colors absorb the stains and draw what little remains of the sun during the winter months. Yet in Philadelphia, high/mid temperatures usually persist till around mid-October. Our advice, break this rule while the weather remains nice. No reason to suffer the heat and have to hide away our most appropriate clothes. 


Accessory Mixups

stitching colors for mens custom belts
Stitching color samples.

The adage ‘the devil is in the details comes to mind when we come to the topic of accessories. The fine details of our outfit are what make us look like a complete and well-thought-out ensemble. So we find it important to explore some mixups many people fall victim to. 

  • Wearing a belt and shoe combo that is not the same color/shade. Our advice, is to do a mental check when purchasing either shoes or a belt. Do I have a matching shade of brown/black for this? If this answer is yes, go ahead! If the answer is no, then you have a bit more shopping left to do.
  • Wearing socks that do not match your suit color or wearing socks that are too short. Explore more about this topic in. my previous blog hereOur advice, make sure that your socks are at least calf length and are a similar color/shade as your trousers.
  • Wearing suspenders and a belt. Our advice, pick a lane. Either ditch the suspenders or the belt. There is no way around this one.


With all these rules it is easy to get confused. If you have any further questions or would like to get the custom clothing process started Contact Us, call 215-310-0219 or email us at info@henrydavidsen.com.

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