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A Gentleman’s Guide To Pink

As the dog days of summer approach us many men are reaching for their lightest color of pastel clothing seeking to avoid drawing more attention from the currently harsh sun. We thought it pertinent to weigh in on how best to don the color pink. A wonderful shade of red that is extremely versatile while still being a statement many men think twice before making due to its feminine connotation. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on how can appropriately add pink to an outfit and ways to add it different clothes.

Wearing Pink For Men

A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing PinkWhile times have changed and we can see a plethora of men from all generations donning pink garbs, there are still those that shy away. Pink can be used as a wonderful accent to your outfit. Red tie? Try a pink shirt or lapel pin. We want to contrast shades of clothes near each other for a smoother color pallet. Some men prefer to reach for a pink suede jacket and use pink as a primary color. Explore more on color here. While a pink suit would not be appropriate for very formal occasions it can look great for casual nights out and on vacation. Next, we will take a look into how you can add pink to your outfit.


If you’re the guy who gravitates towards blues, greys, and black, then this is the best way to dip your toe into the water. Reach for a lapel pin to add texture to an outfit. Try a pink pocket square against a navy jacket or blue tie for contrast. Pink socks can add flair to plain grey or navy trouser. In each of these places, we can use pink as a secondary color or accent against the primary tones that are present in our ensemble.

Spring Menswear Outfit, Pink TieTie

The next step in our process is making pink an even larger part of our outfit. A pink tie can be paired with any neutral-colored suit (think navy, charcoal, medium grey, or silver grey) and look sharp and professional for the workplace. Try it with a navy blazer or a monochromatic shirt. But be aware that the fewer layers present in your outfit the more the contrast stands out and your color choices look more apparent.


A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing PinkShirt

Now that we have conquered the tie it is time to again set our sights on a bigger goal. This can be daunting but if we pair a light pink shirt with a darker formal suit the pink begins to look more like an interesting neutral pallet instead of something drawing attention. I mean it is not difficult for LeBron James to look good in a tailored suit but look how he uses a contrast of a light shade of pink with black on black.



A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing PinkSuit

And Alexander wept. For there were no more worlds to conquer. We have reached the apex of pink. Have we gone too far? We say no, material type and degree of vibrancy will determine the versatility of the suit. Want to go the Elton John route and reach for a pink velvet or suede tuxedo? A pink linen jacket to wear in the summertime? Or a window pane sports jacket that has pink as an accent. The only thing to keep in mind is that we are no longer paring pink to other colors. We are considering how the other colors are contrasting with the pink.



In short, there are many ways to pull the pink tie in the back of your closet out. But if you need more help or you have a newfound need for a pink jacket call us at 215-310-0219 and at or email info@henrydavidsen.com. We look forward to starting a conversation with you.

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