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How to Choose the Best Suits for Winter

As seasons change, it is important to remember that different colors, materials, and fabrics should be worn to keep you comfortable, yet professional. Winter is right around the corner, and we’re starting to experience lower temperatures with cooler nights. We’re faced with a decision when it comes suit patterns and styles to welcome in the winter season.

The best advice we offer is to go for whatever feels right to you. Here at Henry A. Davidsen, we have a variety of custom men’s suits in Philadelphia. We allow you to construct the suit you need to display more character this time of year rather than re-wearing those light-colored suits from April.

Fabric: Wool and Cashmere. When you’re walking the city streets, you want to stay comfortable and avoid shivering from point A to point B. As natural fabrics, wool and cashmere—or a blend of the two—provide you the warmth you desire in the winter. Or, try a waistcoat to give yourself an additional layer.

Choose Best Winter Suits 1 – Henry A. Davidsen

Ties: Stick to your theme, and go with a wool tie for your neckwear. We can custom create your tie for the fabric you like, or a mixture of multiple fabrics. Wool and cashmere provide a stylish look when paired with your suit fabric, and add an elegant touch to your assembly.

Color/Patterns: Think darker colors. Black, dark grey, and navy suits stand out in winter. We recommend just two colors when mixing patterns. Remember, have Henry A. Davidsen, your tailor in Philadelphia construct a pattern that feels right to you. Striped, plaid, herringbone, windowpane or checkered suits come in a variety of tones and shades. Don’t overdo it with your selection of patterns, but let your personality show, and create the perfect style for casual nights, as well as workdays.

Choose Best Winter Suits 2 – Henry A. Davidsen

Style: Maybe you want to look like Harvey Specter or Don Draper when donning the winter suit. Try a double-breasted suit for some extra warmth, or a three-piece suit that frees your reign when choosing a desirable shirt and tie. The style should be smart and attractive, simple yet sophisticated, but overall go with what feels right to you. Your tailor will fabricate the suit after incorporating modern techniques and measuring lapel length and width for a comfortable, proper fitting style.

Accessories: Scarves and hats can provide you additional comfort, and most will complement the pattern and style of suit you’re wearing. Pocket squares in silk or cotton can add a little flair, as well.

With the brutal winters we’ve experienced in recent years past, anticipate the weather and customize the suits that will provide you the most comfort as winter approaches.  And of course, don’t forget the topcoat, and why not customize that too!

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