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The Square Comes Full Circle

It’s said that the clothes make the man. At Henry A. Davidsen, as some of the best tailors in Philadelphia, we think that’s a little too vague. The appearance makes the man. From your hair to your shoes, every single detail of your appearance matters. In every piece of your wardrobe is a story that you can tell about what it is and where it came from. In every fiber of your clothing provides an understanding to everyone who views it, about who you are.


The point is, every detail matters.


In the past decade, men’s style has been in a renaissance. The pocket square is back, and a new generation of men who choose to dress well have taken notice.


A pocket square is like a car radio, it’s not required, it’s not needed, you can get around just fine without it. It’s presence, though, has a certain connotation. Just like that radio, it doesn’t have to be loud, but you’re missing something if it isn’t, at least, present.


As far as pocket squares go, the colors and patterns are limitless. Green is calming. Blue is pleasant. Maroon is strong. Black is classic. White is formal.


There are many styles of folds when it comes to pocket squares. They each say something slightly different. Here are three folds to give a try


The Classic Fold is simple to do and provides a timeless effect.

  • Lay the square flat
  • Fold lengthwise
  • Fold horizontally
  • Fold lengthwise again to match the size of your breast pocket
  • Place it in your breast pocket end sides out.


The Pesko Fold is likely the most popular right now. This is the James Bond, Don Draper, formal and retro fold.

  • Lay the square flat
  • Fold the square about 1/3rd of the way lengthwise
  • Fold the other way to now have the squares width be 1/3rd of the original size
  • Fold the north/south ends 1/4th of the way horizontally
  • Fold the square in half horizontally
  • Place in your breast pocket so that a small sliver pokes out.


The Crown Fold is unique and eye-catching. This is a bold look, especially when done by hand.

  • Lay the square flat
  • Pinch at the center and pick it up
  • Using thumb and forefinger, form a circle around the square about halfway down from the pinched end
  • Fold the pinched end so that the center lays just below the points
  • Adjust and fit in your breast pocket so that all the points stick up and out


At Henry A. Davidsen, we’re more than tailors in Philadelphia, we’re dedicated to providing you with a look you can enjoy, and others can respect.



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