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How To Wear Your First Tuxedo

Whether you’re wearing your wedding tuxedo in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the country, your first time putting on formalwear can be a bit confusing. It is easy to tell the veteran black-tie attendees from the newbies, but what makes the difference?. To avoid looking like a formalwear novice, we are here with a few tips on how to wear your first tuxedo.

Go Custom

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give when it comes to looking for your first tuxedo. There are so many rules when it comes to black-tie that having an image consultant to help you through the process can make it practically painless. But the best way to ensure the right design, fit, and style of your tux for whatever event you need to look your best for is to get a custom tuxedo rather than searching for one off the rack.

Bespoke Tuxedo Philadelphia

Tie Your Own Tie

Formalwear veterans can spot a pre-tied or clip-on tie from across a room. Pre-tied ties are considered a fashion faux pas, one that draws the scorn of men who consider themselves well-dressed. Instead of having someone else tie your tie for you, tie it yourself, even if that means spending a few minutes watching a Youtube video to learn how. Even if your long tie or bow tie comes out a bit uneven, it’s typically a better look than a perfectly symmetrical knot that clearly came out of a box. The imperfection of the tie lends authenticity and character to your outfit.

Check Your Clothes

There are a few small tricks to getting your tuxedo to fit correctly. At our shop you’ll try on your new tuxedo before you take it home, but you should still ensure that everything fits correctly before your formal event. Check your pants and determine the right measurement for your clasps or the right height for your braces/ suspenders. You should never wear a belt with a tuxedo. Check your cummerbund or waist covering to make sure that if it needs to be tightened or loosened, you can do so. Making sure that everything fits correctly can help cut down on the amount of time you’ll spend getting ready and ensure that you look your best throughout the special event.

sean connery in white dinner jacket

Break-In Your Formal Shoes

Most formal events involve standing for long periods of time and dancing. If your feet are uncomfortable, you’re uncomfortable. Try wearing your formal shoes for a day or so before the event, especially if they’re new. This practice avoids the appearance of brand new shoes and ensures that you stand a better chance of being comfortable. Purchase insoles if necessary. Remember that confidence is key. Looking the relaxed while all jazzed up sends a clear message that you are where you are supposed to be.

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There is a lot more that goes in tuxedos than just black ties and cummerbunds. Why take the fun out of getting dressed up. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to learn more and get the process started. 

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