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Superior Cloth Mills: Ariston

In this next installment of Superior Cloth Mills, we’re moving away from England and headed over to Italy – Naples, to be specific. Today, we’ll highlight Ariston, a mill fit for a guy who enjoys a healthy dose of color and pattern.

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Ariston – Neapolitan Boldness

custom navy and gold double breasted suitHigh-end cloth mills and tailors are historically located in two countries: England and Italy. Within Italy, Naples specifically holds a special place in the lore of tailored menswear. Similar to London’s Savile Row, Naples has its own strong tradition of artisanal suit-making. Kiton – one of the few remaining firms worldwide to craft clothing almost entirely by hand – is based in Naples.

Being based in the same city, Ariston has a similar respect for excellence.

What Makes Ariston Special?

Ever have a conversation with a New Yorker about how you can’t get a proper New York bagel outside of NY? It’s not just regional pride – the very water itself gives the dough gives the final product a distinct taste and texture.

A similar concept holds true for cloth. Technological advances in recent decades have largely blurred these lines,  but English cloth and Italian cloth have different characteristics at their core. British fabric tends towards heartiness, whereas Italian ones tend toward delicateness. If you think about the natural environments where the mills are geographically located, this makes sense. England is known for its fair share of chilly, damp weather, while (southern) Italy is known for its enviable Mediterranean climate.

Ariston cloth has a soft, luxurious feel that most people associate with Italian fabric. It’s truly a delight to handle, and the finished products never disappoint.

man in custom brown stripe suitItalian style in general has a reputation for boldness, sexiness, and an overall laid-back feel. This is perhaps a byproduct of the weather – when it’s nice out, you want to be out and be seen. It’s in the very DNA of sprezzatura. The colors and patterns you see throughout Ariston’s collections reflect this sartorial extroversion.

While they have a great selection of basics, Ariston shines when you’re looking for a garment with a bold, attention-grabbing look. Oversized plaids and thick chalk stripes in colors you don’t often see in menswear are a huge focus for Ariston. If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t shy from attention, you absolutely have to take a look at the collection.

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Ready to check out some Ariston cloth for yourself? We’re here to guide you. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get things started. In the meantime, enjoy these other style and image articles:

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