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Superior Cloth Mills – Holland & Sherry

One of our core values here at Henry A. Davidsen is “Be Extraordinary.” Every day, we strive to provide extraordinary service to complement our extraordinary product. An extraordinary garment requires extraordinary fabric. With that in mind, today we revisit our series on superior cloth mills, with a focus on England’s Holland & Sherry.

Holland & Sherry – A Brief History

holland and sherry fabric samplesFounded in 1836 by Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry, Holland & Sherry is about as close to a household name in men’s tailoring as it gets. One of the oldest fabric mills and cloth merchants in the world, they first resided at 10 Bond Street in London and moved to Golden Square in 1886. In 2003, manufacturer Individualized Apparel Group acquired Holland & Sherry and brought them under their umbrella, alongside notable clothier Oxxford Clothes.

Today, Holland & Sherry still manufactures and sells exceptional cloth for tailored clothing. With offices and relationships with tailors all over the world, you’ll find their fabric books an any custom tailor shop worth its salt – Henry A. Davidsen, of course, being one of them.

Why H&S?

custom cloth for harris tweed jacketIf you like options, Holland & Sherry is the mill for you. Their selection is always some of the most extensive of the various mills that we carry. Hundreds of fabrics are available at any given time, ranging from lightweight wool/silk blends for summer to heavyweight flannels and tweeds for winter.

As for quality, well, there’s a reason we like to work with them – they’re right up there with some of the best. They carefully select their raw materials, with a focus on long-staple fibers that will perform well over time and feel sumptuous on the hand. Their dyeing and weaving processes are robust and efficient, which yields a high-quality cloth with exceptional value.

Getting Started

With their extensive selection and high quality, anytime is a good time to make up a garment with Holland & Sherry cloth. Ready to get started? Give us a buzz at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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