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The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide To Weddings

Planning a wedding is stressful – anyone who’s been through the process knows how heavy a lift it is. It combines project management, large monetary expenditures, and (sometimes) intense emotions that can make the process, well, less than pleasant. Doing all of this in the midst of a pandemic adds a layer of uncertainty that has had some of our client’s at their wits’ end. It’s our hope that our ultimate grooms’ guide to weddings will help you if you’re in the planning process.

asian wedding partyStarting in February 2022, we will publish a series of blog posts to help grooms (and, let’s be real, their brides-to-be) wrap their heads around the image they want to project for their wedding day. We’ll cover the following topics, and then some:

  • Suit, Tux, or Something Else? How To Determine What To Wear (And Not Look Like You’re In A Rental)
  • Incorporating Wedding Colors Into Your Outfit
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter: How Grooms Can Keep Seasonality In Mind
  • How to Dress Your Groomsmen & What To Gift Them

The Best Advice For ALL Grooms

bride and groom summer weddingEvery wedding is different, and every groom is different. We pride ourselves on dressing individuals in ways that suit their tastes, personal and professional needs, and body types. No matter who you are or what you look like, though, there’s a piece of evergreen advice we give to everyone:

Unless you’re planning drastic weight loss or gain, it is never too soon to get started. 2021 was a very robust year for weddings. Once vaccines rolled out and the weather started changing in March, we found ourselves inundated with wedding orders, almost all of which were on contracted timelines. We delivered on every last one of them, but global supply chain issues and labor shortages worldwide continue to contribute to slowdowns in our turnaround times.

While this isn’t ideal, we’re in the fortunate position to now be aware of these issues and plan around them. With that said, it doesn’t matter if your wedding is in twelve months – if your body is where you want it to be, there’s no reason to delay getting started.

As we all know COVID-19 has fundamentally changed every single type of gathering, weddings included. Our friends 0ver at the Paperless Post found 31% of weddings during Covid included virtual guests. While many of these trends may be changing it might be prudent to stay up to date with ways to keep the ceremony safe. You can learn more about COVID related wedding trends that they found here.


We look forward to helping out brides and grooms alike navigate this aspect of the wedding planning process. Ready to get started before we publish all this content? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to start a conversation.

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