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The Five Style Personalities

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When you’re trying to understand a new concept, a way to simplify that process is to categorize. In fact, this tends to be how humans move through the world. Categorization helps us make sense of things, for better or for worse. It’s with that in mind that we’d like to discuss the five style personalities and how they can help you create a roadmap for your own personal style.

As you read, please note that no individual will fall neatly and perfectly into one category. In the same way that no one is completely a Type A or Type B personality, no one is completely one style personality or another. We are all some amalgamation of two or three of these personalities, and the one we show most prominently will vary from day to day.

Style “Personalities”

Below are the five style personalities.

Subtle Sophisticate

man sitting wearing grey sport jacketA man who’s a “Subtle Sophisticate” doesn’t scream for attention – he whispers. This personality gravitates towards understated looks, which is achieved through low color contrast and minimalism.

Valuing harmony and sartorial conservatism, lots of our clients fall into this category – a navy suit with a light blue shirt and dark blue tie is an outfit that perfectly exemplifies this style personality. It’s perfectly at home at law firms, government agencies, and other industries where subtlety is prized.

Daring Dramatic

St. Patrick's Day Fun FactsSomewhat the opposite of the Subtle Sophisticate, the Daring Dramatic style personality projects a bolder image. Daring Dramatics achieve this through high color contrast and sharp, even severe lines and angles. The young guy wearing a cobalt blue suit with peak lapels paired with a pink-and-blue striped shirt likely falls into this category.

This personality is decidedly fashion forward and is likely an extrovert.

The Natural

A Gentleman's Guide to Valentine's DayThe Natural style personality is similar to the Subtle Sophisticate in its relative conservatism. A Natural goes for low-contrast outfits that don’t compete with his visage and is someone who gravitates towards textured cloth in lieu of a bold pattern.

Not one to go for sharp angles, a Natural values softness, approachability, and authenticity in his image.

Inspired Artist

7 Instagram Accounts for Men's Style InspirationThe Inspired Artist is similar to the Daring Dramatic, but with a more avant-garde approach. The flair for color and enjoyment of making a splash with their appearance is similar, but the Inspired Artist takes a more avant-garde approach. This personality type tends to have a vintage twist to their look and will often seek out true vintage items for their personal wardrobes. The appreciation for “wearable art” is high for this personality.

Those of you familiar with the rap duo OutKast may remember André Benjamin (a.k.a. André 3000). He had a moment in the early 2000’s in which he was a menswear brand owner (R.I.P, Benjamin Bixby) and trendsetter. His style was “Inspired Artist” to a T.

Elegant Charmer

Leap Year Fun FactsThe Elegant Charmer is characterized by his appreciation for luxurious materials and a sharp eye for minute detail. A little glitz goes a long way with this style personality – Super 160’s worsted wools, vicuña, and other luxe materials will often grace an Elegant Charmer’s wardrobe.

How Knowing Your Style Personality Helps You

So, why bother to know your style personalities? It’s so you can build a wardrobe that best reflects the “authentic self” you want to project to the world in the most efficient way possible. It’s essentially an image-driven way of saying “know thyself.”

If you have a good handle on your style personality, you’ll make better wardrobe decisions. You won’t waste your time buying clothes that catch your eye in the moment but don’t fit your sartorial paradigm.

At the end of the day, knowing your style personality will save you time and money.

Further Reading

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