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Wedding Tux or Wedding Suit?

Over the years we have seen a slow progression away from formal dress codes in almost every sector of society. Ten years ago, the majority of our clients designed tuxedos for their weddings. Today we see more and more men opting for a wedding suit. Is it just a fad or is the suit here to stay? Many grooms are asking whether they should wear a tux or a suit for their wedding? In today’s blog post we are sharing some key things to consider when it comes to choosing between a wedding tux or a wedding suit.

The Wedding Tuxedo

blue tuxedo and red bow tie on a mannequinSince its advent in 1865, the dinner jacket has been the go-to garment for over a century of weddings. Tuxes are considered the most formal attire a man can don and it would make sense to look the best one can during such a seminal event. A classic black or midnight blue tux ensures that no one can outdo the groom when it comes to the formality department. The tuxedo manages to convey elegance, beauty, and strength. The perfect fit for a traditional, formal, or religious wedding. If the wedding dress code is a black-tie then the tuxedo is required. Learn more about what black tie means for your attire here.


glenn obrien in balck tuxedoAt the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your bride. The ceremony should feel like a personal extension of your love and values. If tradition and dressing to the nines are important to you then the tuxedo is an excellent choice. However, the context in which you wear your tuxedo is important. Is the wedding at a swanky venue equipped with AC? That tuxedo is sure to stay stylish and comfortable all night long. Beach wedding in July? A velvet tux might not hold up well in the sand, plus there is no escaping the heat.




The Wedding Suit

four mannequins in tailored menswearAs the suit has fallen out of vogue in many offices it has risen in popularity for wedding parties. The key attraction to the suit is versatility and the ability to mold it to whatever will be most appropriate for the big day. A suit also has a much higher re-wear value, whether that be at work or on other special occasions, it will have a greater chance of coming out of your closet as opposed to a tuxedo. With a custom suit, you can control every element of the garment to ensure style, comfort, and fit for whatever the special day requires.

scabal custom cloth on 3 mannequinsA suit can be easily dressed down by opting for different slacks or forgoing a tie/bowtie. But adding a vest for a three-piece look or a double-breasted construction lends the formality required for any occasion up to a black-tie event if styled correctly.

Suits allow for more customization, which in turn gives more of an opportunity for the wearer’s authentic self to shine through. There are more rules to follow when it comes to tuxedos. Construction, color, and fabric are all up to the groom when we get to the design table. Seasonal colors, classic neutrals, and even wedding colors are on the table for the jacket fabrics as well. While there is no replacing the dinner jacket, we understand why many men are opting for a suit these days.



Luckily the only mistake you can make in choosing is buying the option you don’t want. There are a million other factors to consider when it comes to your nuptials, lets’s make the groom’s attire something to look forward to. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com for more information.

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