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What Should The Father Of The Groom Wear?

A wedding is a time of joy and celebration for all, but for the father of the groom, it may also be accompanied by a touch of nostalgia and plenty of pride. Most men who are watching their sons get married will likely have a few nice suits in their closets but some may still be concerned about their attire for the big day. Every wedding and every father’s style is different but we will touch on some general style tips, ways to incorporate wedding colors, and accessory advice.

Consider The Groom & Groomsmen

Coordinating outfits with the groom and groomsmen will ensure a harmonious aesthetic for the entire wedding. As the father of the groom, your suit should stand out without clashing with the rest of the wedding party. A classic way to do this is to vary the design details of the tuxedos. If the groom is wearing a black tuxedo made with a shawl lapel, his father can opt for a similarly colored tuxedo adorned with a peak lapel. Conversely, a suit with similar construction but opposing fabrics always looks sharp. Accessories are an easy way to break from the pack, try alternating the color of bowties and pocket squares the other groomsmen are wearing. The father of the groom can opt for braces as opposed to a belt to give his ensemble a more stately and formal flair. Explore more about the debate between a wedding suit or a wedding tux here.

Consider The Wedding Theme

We understand that most fathers would prefer to stick to more formal colors when it comes to their suit fabrics. Navy, charcoal, grey, and black are usually the colors of choice for most of the clients we have worked with in the past. Accessories like pocket squares, ties, lapel pins, and cufflinks are a stylish way to add color without sacrificing elegance or sophistication in your suit. With custom suits, the inner lining of the jacket can be made with specific images. We have had clients that made custom linings adorned with pictures of the family or special nameplates to memorialize the special occasion. Explore more about wedding colors here.

Fit Is King

Let’s face it, there will be plenty of pictures taken during the ceremony and reception. As an integral member of the wedding party, you will be featured in a fair amount of them. As we have mentioned plenty of times in this blog, fit is king when it comes to personal image.

Off-the-rack suits are not designed for the individual body types and the results show in the poor shape and drape of the suits. The easiest way to ensure a well-fitted suit is to have one custom-made for you. At Henry A. Davidsen, we take over 27 measurements to ensure that you will be looking your best for the big day. If this is not a possibility due to time constraints, having a suit you already own tailored is the next best course of action. There is a limit to how much a certain piece of clothing can be altered so if there are major alterations needs it would behoove you to plan ahead and explore a custom option.


We hope these tips are helpful and provide you with some value. We’re ready to talk about your image if you are. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to start the conversation.

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