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What’s your cigar of choice?

You might be an avid cigar smoker, or perhaps it’s an occasional indulgence. Regardless of how often you enjoy this pastime, we’re here to provide you with the need to know when it comes to cigars.

What’s your cigar of choice? – Henry A. Davidsen













Cigar Components

Filler: The blend of tobacco leaves that make up the body of the cigar

Binder: The leaf that holds the filler together

Wrapper: The outside wrapper leaf is what determines the color of the cigar


The color refers to the outer wrapper leaf. Depending on the cigar’s exterior color, the smoker will enjoy a distinct taste for each.

Claro: Usually light tan to light brown, Claro is the lightest colored wrapper. It offers a mild and smooth taste with great natural flavor.

Colorado: A dark reddish-brown coloring and shade-grown, a Colorado wrapper boasts a rich, robust flavor and subtle aroma.

Maduro: Typically found in Mexican blends, a Maduro wrapper is dark brown and thicker than lighter wrappers. A Maduro has a stronger taste that is sweet on the palate and mild aroma.

Oscuro: The strongest tasting and darkest wrapper of them all, the Oscuro comes from Brazil, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Those looking for a potent flavor should try an Oscuro wrapper.

Size & Shape

Pyramid: A cigar that is thickest at the foot and gradually tapers towards the head.

Belicoso: A small pyramid-shaped cigar with a rounded head rather than a point. The Belicoso is similar to the Pyramid, minus the gradual taper.

Torpedo: A shape with a sharply pointed head, closed foot, and a bulge in the middle.

Perfecto: These look like their in cartoon counterpart with two closed rounded ends and a bulge in the middle.

Culebras: A Culebra is three cigars of any size braided together into a pretzel shape. They can also be separated before smoking!

Where To Start With Cigars

For those of you that pay attention to the blog, it is no secret that we here at the shop enjoy the finer things in life. Take a look at our series on bourbon to see what we mean. But there is no wrong place to start when it comes to the past time . In general, smaller and lighter colored cigars are a good place. The shortened smoking time ensure that you won’t get overwhelmed and bored. If you are in Philadelphia we recommend a Center City neighbor Ashton Cigar Bar as a beautiful place to begin.


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