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Bracelets: A Gentlemans Guide

Over the past few years, men’s bracelets has become a go-to accessory right alongside sunglasses and cufflinks. From beads and leather to metal designs, there are a wide range of options for the men who wear them. For those unsure if they can, we hope you enjoy this gentlemen’s guide to bracelets.

The resurgence of men’s jewelry started as a reaction to the 1990’s and early 2000’s, when these things weren’t terribly popular among the tailored set. The better-dressed men of the Baby Boomer generation had more of a taste for some metal about the wrist, and we’re glad to see this tradition get picked up again outside of Livestrong bracelets and FitBits.

Below are some of the more common styles of modern bracelets you’ll see. Following that, we’ll have some tips on how to pick a bracelet for yourself.

Bracelet Styles

It’s easiest to categorize bracelets into three different styles: metal, beaded, and leather.


silver gauntlet style braceletMetal bracelets are the most “jewelry” of the styles available. Gold and sterling silver are classic metals, with rose gold and platinum being newer additions to the market. Some, like those with a classic figaro pattern, fasten with a clasp. Others are more of a gauntlet style like the one pictured here.


grey and cream men's beaded braceletOn the more casual side of the spectrum we have beaded options. They’re pretty self-explanatory – just a series of beads strung along a stretchy cord that goes on and off the wrist easily. Beaded bracelets are available in a wide array of color and design options, not to mention different size beads to accommodate different sized wrists.

Leather & Woven

brown leather luxury mens braceletBracelets made of pliable material like leather can be woven into intricate patterns. The beauty of them is that they acquire a natural patina with wear, over time it becomes truly yours over time.

How To Find the Perfect Fit

Like all accessories, the bracelets you choose are there to accent your outfit. Smart dressers consider the formality and color schemes of their outfits when they select an accessory to pair their outfit with.

If you’re new to bracelets, start out with a metal option. Metals are a bit dressier than leather or beaded bracelets, but they can still dress down to a nice custom jeans and shirt type of outfit.

In general, pair metal bracelets with suits and beaded or leather bracelets with your casual attire. Once you find your personal size and favorite pieces, mix and match as you please.

In terms of size, well, it matters. Men with larger wrists and arms should opt for larger-scale jewelry, and vice-versa. As for fit, treat metal bracelets like a wristwatches. Beaded options should fit snug on the wrist, though we advise you to leave a little room for leather bracelets, which don’t have to fit as snugly.

How To Style A Bracelet

multiple bracelets stacked on one anotherSizing helps when it comes to how you combine your options – playing with a little bit of proportion lends visual interest to the look. You can wear a single bracelet on its own, stack a few together, or even use one or two around your watch. As a general rule, we advise keeping all your bracelets on one wrist.

At the end of the day, a bracelet does what any good accessory should do – accent your outfit and complete your look. By starting simply, you can see if you enjoy wearing jewelry. If you do, you can always expand your collection and experiment with new styles and designs.


We’re proud to carry men’s bracelets from reputable brands such as Tateossian and Edward Armah. Curious to come take a look? Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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