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4 Shirt Collars For Men

As if choosing the right suit, tie, socks, and shoes weren’t already difficult enough; men also need to choose their dress shirt collar style accordingly as well. But if you’re like most guys, you don’t know the first thing about shirt collars. Fortunately for you, our Philadelphia suit and image specialists at Henry A. Davidsen can fit you with the right shirt collar and custom shirt when you stop by our Philadelphia showroom. Below we’ve detailed some of the more common shirt collar styles but highly suggest you book a consultation to learn more!

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A former full-time Image Consultant with Henry A. Davidsen, Mike currently works with the company on a project basis and is on the social media team. He creates content for various social networks and the company's blog. A menswear fanatic, Mike lives to get dressed every morning and loves to educate men on the ins and outs of sartorial know-how. When not expounding on the wonders of half-Windsor knots, he plays bass guitar and sings in the Newspaper Taxis, a Beatles cover band.

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