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3 Gifts That Your Groomsmen Can Actually Use

Finding the right gifts to give to your groomsmen ahead of your special day is no small task in the context of planning a wedding. And while your fiancée is likely doing much of the heavy lifting in that regard, the groomsmen’s gifts are solely your responsibility!

Nowadays, the role of a groomsman is not cheap. So how do you thank some of your best friends and closest family members for being your groomsmen?

Saying “thanks” is a start, but gifting them with items that they can actually use is a phenomenal way to show your appreciation.

Our Philadelphia men’s suit specialists and image consultants even recommend items such as ties, socks, and pocket squares. Not only are these one-size-fits-all items that can be used for many years, but there’s an added benefit that often goes overlooked

Lots of couples have wedding colors as an aesthetic theme, and they typically want their groomsmen’s outfits to be in sync with the colors found in the bridesmaids’. Selecting ties, pocket squares, and socks for your guys allows you to make sure that all the right color notes are hit in a seamless, elegant, fun way.

You will have, in effect, sartorially idiot-proofed your groomsmen.

Let’s talk about the benefits of ties, socks, and pocket squares below.


Most men wear ties at least a few times a year. Ties are functional, take up little space in closets, and can easily be worn after the big day. They’re a perfect groomsmen’s gift.

Not only does Henry A. Davidsen carry a wide selection of ready-to-wear ties, we make plenty of custom ties as well. Contact us for more details.


Socks are one of the most subtle ways to express oneself, and they’re a fun way to inject some color and personality into a groomsman’s wedding outfit.

At Henry A. Davidsen, you’ll find a wide range of luxury socks by VK Nagrani to fit every groomsman’s unique personality and style.

Pocket Squares

If your groomsmen are wearing suits or sport coats, a pocket square is not just a necessary finishing touch; it’s a creative way to tie in with your wedding colors while accruing quite a few style points.

Our showroom is chock full of pocket squares and even pocket circles in far too many colors and patterns to name. We invite you to come check out the selection for yourself!

Henry A. Davidsen is any future groom’s one-stop shop for everything from socks to pocket squares, from ties to men’s suits and custom shirts located right in the heart of Philadelphia. Stop in or give us a call to schedule a one-on-one consultation today!

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