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italian man in drawstring pants

Custom Drawstring Pants for Men

Drawstring pants aren’t typically the first garment that comes to mind when we think of custom menswear. Still, as the world goes more casual, it makes sense for us to embrace making your comfy favorites up as luxurious custom pieces. We’re happy to add custom drawstring pants for men to our ever-expanding roster of custom casual clothing.

Men’s Bespoke Drawstring Pants

drawstring pant close up
Self-cloth waistband with a golf “V” slit

Though we design these in our shops in Philadelphia and New York, custom drawstring pants are about as Italian as it gets, especially looking to Milan or Naples. Laid-back and casual, they’re the perfect pant for the upcoming warm seasons (it’s 66 degrees as of this writing and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that).

For many of us, drawstring pants are limited to flannel pajama bottoms we might wear on winter weekend mornings. We suggest a pair in luxurious silk/wool/linen blends for summer, or a super-soft flannel for the winter months if you want to plan (very) far ahead. Crafted from a pattern made exclusively for you, you get a perfect fit and feel that’s unparalleled.

You can style them however you like, but our standard model takes the following details:

  • Standard waistband or elastic waistband for superior comfort
  • Drawstring button & closure
  • Piped back pockets
  • 1/4 top front pockets
  • “V’ golf slit at bottoms

How To Wear Drawstring Trousers

italian man in drawstring pants
This is more or less the vibe we hope to achieve with drawstring pants.

Custom drawstring pants are a decidedly casual garment, so you want to keep the rest of your outfit similarly casual. These pants pair well with our deconstructed jackets, custom polo shirts, laid back dress shirts, and even lightweight custom sweaters.

For shoes, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of drivers or other casual loafer. Opt for a shoe design that’s slimmer and more streamlined, more Italian than British. Think more Ferragamo instead of, say, Church’s. We suggest some no-show socks to round out the overall casual vibe.

Next Steps

Ready to talk about custom drawstring pants for yourself? We’re here to help you. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com for more info. In the meantime, enjoy some other image and style posts:

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