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baggy navy blue cargo pants

Custom Cargo Pants For Men

As men continue to push past the typical suit-and-tie uniform to which we adhered for so many years, we look to new products. At our showrooms in Philadelphia and New York City, we’ve been outfitting clients with custom casual attire like jeans and polos for years now. We’re proud and excited to announce a new offering: custom cargo pants for men!

What Are Cargo Pants & Why Are They Back?

baggy navy blue cargo pants
The 90’s were a terrible time for cargo pants.

The Millenials reading this post will likely think of their 1990’s childhoods immediately upon hearing the phrase “cargo pants” (or cargo shorts, for that matter). To explain them simply: they’re pants with a patch pocket at the outside of one or both knees. This pocket typically has a button closure, and the pant is a smidge more casual than a basic chino.

As with many sartorial concepts from that decade, we may remember them with emotions ranging from cringe-y nostalgia to full-blown PTSD. The cargoes we wore at the time were very, well, nineties – blas√© colors in baggy, unflattering fits. In the 2000’s into the 2010’s, cargo shorts in particular were (deservedly) maligned in publications as popular as GQ. Whether in long or short form, the cargo bottom was not a good look by any stretch.

With that said, it’s truly incredible what a proper fit can do for a garment and the man wearing it. Thirty years out from the 90’s, fashion has come back around – names like Louis Vuitton and Fendi are making cargo pants. We’re not ones to proscribe to the idea of “fashion designers are doing it, so you should too,” but if you can take a fashion concept and tailor it to your taste (pardon the pun), why not?

How To Style Custom Cargos

olive corduroy bespoke cargo pantsOur cargoes can be styled any way you like, but our go-to model boasts the following details:

  • Inverted pleat cargo pocket with a flap and button-through button
  • Extra-soft pocketings
  • Self-cloth waistband for a lightweight feel
  • Offset front pockets
  • Welted back pockets
  • Tunnel drop (i.e. thicker-than-standard) belt loops
  • Plain bottoms (no cuffs)

Cargo pants are decidedly casual. Typically, you’ll pair them with a sweater, polo, t-shirt, or casual button-down custom shirt. In warmer weather, they can be smart with a casual, deconstructed sport jacket, essentially taking the place of chinos.

In wintertime, we’ll steer you toward corduroy, moleskin, flannels and twills. For spring and summer, we’ll suggest cotton, linen, jersey material, and even silk/wool/linen blends for some additional luxury.


Ready to add a pair of custom cargo pants to your wardrobe? We’re here to help you get started. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get started. In the meantime, enjoy these other image and style pieces:

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