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Mohair – A Unique Fiber

Every year when the summertime rolls around, lots of guys have questions about the materials they should wear. While tropical weight wool is indeed a thing (one we highly recommend, in fact), some men like to branch out a bit as the weather warms up. Cotton and linen come to mind, but if you’re wrinkle-averse, these materials won’t make you happy. Enter mohair – a unique fiber that works very well in the heat.

What Is Mohair?

sheep with wool fleece still intactWe all know that wool comes from sheep – we wrote about this in a previous post on wool vs. mohair. Mohair, on the other hand, is the long, silky hair of the angora goat. It’s sleek and lustrous with a very dry, crisp feel and a bit of natural sheen. The term “mohair” comes from the Arabic word for goat hair – mukhayyar. In medieval times, it was called “mockhaire.”

Its crispness allows the cloth to hang beautifully from the shoulder, and its exceptional breathability makes it a natural fit for summer clothing. Mohair is also extremely tenacious as it relates to holding a crease, so you’ll always look sharp in it.

Nowadays, it’s more common to see mohair blends than pure mohair. Mixing mohair with worsted wool reduces the sheen to an extent, but adds softness and a bit of drape.

How To Wear Mohair

formal mohair jacket
Mohair is excellent for smoking jackets and other formalwear.

In the world of custom clothes, you can theoretically make any garment out of any material. As of this writing, we’re making a worsted wool suit with a mohair odd vest for a client’s wedding (spoiler alert: he’s going to look amazing).

Pardon the pun, but mohair really shines as formalwear. If you’re curious about what to do for your next black-tie jacket, consider a mohair in a deep red like burgundy or maroon, a forest green, tan, or a midnight blue. No matter what room you enter, you’ll look like the richest guy there.

Mohair Alternatives

diagram showing how blockchain works
Blockchain technology allows Dormeuil to trace its mohair-like Tonik wools back to the source.

Though it makes for some beautiful fiber, the mohair industry isn’t as closely managed as that of wool as it relates to animal husbandry. One of our partner mills, Dormeuil, keeps sustainability top of mind when sourcing its fiber. While they still have some reserves of mohair to order, their Tonik fabrics are wools that feel very similar to mohair in terms of dryness and crispness. With an open weave, exceptional drape, and ability to trace the wool to the very farm from which the sheep came, it’s an excellent alternative to mohair for suits, sport coats, and trousers.


Ready to take a look at some mohair? We’d love to introduce you to it. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email info@henrydavidsen.com to get started. Until then, enjoy these other style and image posts:

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