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Product Spotlight: Custom Jeans

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copper button and rivets custom jeansOur clients’ sartorial needs have grown to include causal items as well as professional ones, and our offerings have expanded to meet those needs. In addition to sportswear such as made-to-measure polos and sweaters, we also offer custom denim for our clients. In this post, we’ll outline some of the different options we have available and why you might want to consider custom denim over off-the-rack.

Custom Jeans For Men

Brian Lipstein's Stop in Hong Kong to visit denim production centerA good pair of jeans is hard to find. This probably explains why men tend to be so loyal to denim brands – once they find a style they like, they don’t have to search anymore. But, what happens when your preferred brand discontinues your favorite fit? What if you can’t find a wash you like in your preferred fit?

In our opinion, it’s just not worth the headache. With custom jeans by Henry A. Davidsen, you get the fit you want, the materials you like, and a host of design options to make your custom denim truly yours.

Custom Denim Details

grey custom denim with contrast stitchThey’re not just jeans – as with all our custom clothing, our denim is designed from scratch. We’re happy to guide our clients in terms of their selections, but ultimately, you’re in the driver’s seat in terms of how your jeans will look and feel. Below are some of the different considerations we make for custom jeans:

  • Fabric Weight. We have a significant selection of denim swatches at the shop – sure, they’re different colors, but weight is a major factor. As you might imagine, lighter weight denim cloth is preferable in hot weather, while the heavier stuff is best for cold months.
  • Color & Blasting. Sometimes referred to as “wash” in denim parlance. We have plenty of colors and shades to choose from – including “non-standard” denim colors. “Blasting” is a term we use for what most refer to as “whiskering,” those wear marks on the fronts that some folks swear by and that some can’t stand. No matter which side of this debate you fall on, we can make sure your jeans are the right color and show your preferred level of wear.
  • Stitching, buttons, and rivets. Jeans are more than just the denim itself. If you’re into a bit of a bolder look, a bright contrast thread on the stitching will do the trick – True Religion jeans are famous for this. We also have a full selection of buttons and rivets that will complement any swatch of denim you select.
  • Leather Patch & Back Pocket Design. You have the option to add a functional (i.e. your belt can slip underneath it) leather patch to your jeans’ waistband, but that’s not all – you can also monogram it with your initials for extra personalization. In terms of back pocket design, the world is your oyster. Some men prefer plain back pockets, while others like to add a bit of design. This is often a staple signature for denim brands.  Now this detail could become your signature, using a standard monogram, a company logo, or whatever else you can think of.

Pricing & Materials

Brian Lipstein's Hong Kong Stop to visit the denim centerWe have three different grades of material: standard, selvedge, and Dyneema.

Our standard selection features lots of 100% cotton options, and also some swatches that utilize various amounts of stretch fabric, typically 1%-2% of the fabrication. These are $475 per pair.

Selvedge denim – known for its durability and prized amongst denim enthusiasts – can be customized for you at $595 per pair.

Lastly, we offer jeans made with Dyneema. This is one of the strongest fibers in the world while still being flexible and breathable. Typically found in ropes and used in nautical applications, jeans with Dyneema are incredibly strong, which is particularly important for motorcyclists. We custom make our Dyneem jeans at $635 per pair.

Next Steps

monogram in leather patch mens custom jeansCurious to try your first pair of custom jeans? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 215-310-0219 or email us at info@henrydavidsen.com to start a conversation. In the meantime, please enjoy some other image and style articles:

Please consider supporting those that have been displaced due to COVID-19 to get back on their feet with a donation to Career Wardrobe’s OutFIT for Work campaign.  $50 provides a full interview outfit for an individual seeking employment.

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